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Marriage is a contract. Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements allow those contemplating marriage and those that are married to regulate certain terms of their marriage contract. Prenuptial agreements are signed before two people marry, while postnuptial agreements are signed after the wedding. These agreements help determine what happens to each party's individual assets and any joint assets in the event of divorce, and or legal separation or death. Though the contents of these agreements can vary, they typically include provisions regarding property division and spousal support. If you are interested in entering into one of these agreements, our skilled San Jose prenuptial agreement attorney can help you to document your wishes correctly.

At the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson, we represent people in a wide range of family law concerns, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Our San Jose law firm provides every client with professional and personal service. We take the time to understand your family law concerns and needs in order to advise you on options that will work best for you. We also draft and review prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for clients in San Jose, Santa Clara, and the Bay Area

Our San Jose prenuptial agreement attorney gives individuals of all wealth brackets protection of their assets and other rights afforded under such agreements.

These agreements have many benefits, including:

-Protecting a partner from assuming the debts of the other partner
-Determining and clarifying financial rights and responsibilities pre and post marriage
-Avoiding costly, long disputes in the event of divorce
-Protecting the assets of each spouse

Understanding and Compassionate Legal Representation

Our San Jose prenuptial agreement will help you develop an agreement that is clear, understandable, and that will be valid in court if the need arises. If you are considering a pre or post nuptial agreement contact the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson today at 408-246-3004. From our office in Santa Clara County we serve clients throughout the bay area including San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View and Campbell.

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