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In California, alimony is termed spousal support in dissolution of marriage proceedings. Not all spouses are entitled to spousal support. There are a myriad of factors the family law court considers when determining if and for how long a spouse may be entitled to spousal support payments. The employability of a spouse and length of the marriage are two major factors the court takes into consideration.

If you think you are entitled to spousal support or believe you may have to pay spousal support, it is critical that you discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding your marriage with Erik Johnson, a San Jose spousal support attorney. Spousal support is not intended to last forever. A change of circumstances can increase, decrease or terminate spousal support. Call our family law attorneys today at 408-246-3004 to discuss spousal support obligations

Spousal maintenance, formerly called alimony, and also known as spousal support, is not awarded in every divorce situation. A court can determine whether or not to grant a spouse maintenance based on several factors, including the length of the marriage and health and earning capacity of each spouse among others. The length of maintenance can vary from long-term, maintenance or temporary maintenance, depending on the particular facts.

When a marriage is dissolved, it can have severe financial consequences on a spouse. If one party in a divorce case has become accustomed to a lifestyle standard that was established during the marriage, spousal support such as alimony, maintenance or alimony, is an option to consider.

The court may take into account numerous factors in granting spousal support, including:

– Financial Condition of a Spouse
– Support of Spouse in the Education of the Other
– Relative Advancement of Spouses
– Education Needs
– Merits of the Spouse
– Spouse Earning the Money

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Each case will have unique circumstances and details. Attorney Erik Johnson treats each and every client as if they were his only client. If you have questions regarding spousal support or alimony, contact the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson at 408-246-3004 to schedule a consultation with a San Jose spousal support attorney today.

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