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California's three-strikes law is intended to protect citizens from repeat violent offenders. As implemented, however, the three-strikes law has, in many cases, resulted in unreasonably harsh sentences that destroy lives. Although Proposition 36 has altered the law to require that the third strike be serious or violent, the consequences are the same: a lifetime in state prison. The Strikes Law also reduces prison credits for good behavior.

If you are facing a "three-strikes violation" or already have strikes on your criminal record, it is very important to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Erik Johnson is well-versed in California's three-strikes law and can help you navigate this treacherous legal terrain. He will aggressively evaluate all the evidence, research the validity of the "prior strikes," prepare a Romero Motion asking the court to "strike" or cancel a prior strike or put up a defense at trial.

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California's Three Strikes Law

Under California's three-strikes law, any person convicted of a third felony offense will be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. A second conviction will result in increased penalties, including double the prison sentence.

Attorney Erik Johnson has the skill to successfully defend clients against felony-strike crimes such as:

A three-strikes violation is an urgent legal matter that requires the attention of a knowledgeable defense lawyer. Let Attorney Erik Johnson protect your rights and defend you against these charges.

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We defend clients in Santa Clara County as well as clients located in San Jose, Palo Alto, and Silicon Valley against a broad range of felony charges, including three-strikes violations. Contact the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson today online or by telephone at 408-246-3004 to arrange a consultation with a San Jose three-strikes defense lawyer.

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