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In California, fraud can be any act that results in an unearned or unfair gain to yourself resulting in a loss or harm to another person. The fraud can be for financial advantage, gain in reputation, or to avoid some criminal liability.

There are defenses that should be pursued including mistaken identity, lack of intent to defraud and entrapment.

Call 408-246-3004 or contact our law firm online if you are facing fraud charges. The prosecution has already started building its case against you. You should be building yours as well.

What Is Fraud?

In California fraud is knowingly and willfully deceiving a third party for financial or other gain. An act that results in a loss to another person and unfair or improper gain to you may amount to criminal fraud.

Whether you have been accused of check fraud, credit card fraud or insurance fraud, our team will provide you with dedicated representation through every step of your charges. We also have a proven reputation for defending those charged with forgery and identity theft.

The Penalties For Fraud In California

The penalties for a charge of criminal fraud in California vary depending on the severity of the crime. Some fraud crimes are misdemeanors, meaning they carry lighter penalties. Others, however, are felonies that can send you to prison, cost you thousands of dollars and have a dramatically negative impact on your future.

The main penalties for fraud include:

Put A Skilled Fraud Defense Attorney In Your Corner

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