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Criminal Attorney for Robbery Defense in Santa Clara County, CA

In California, burglary is defined as entering a building or structure with the intent to commit a felony. You do not have to break a window or pick a lock to be charged with burglary. Simply walking into a home or business with the intent to steal can result in a burglary charge and conviction.

In order to prove a burglary charge, the prosecution must demonstrate that you intended to commit the crime at the time you entered the building. Forming that intent after entering is not a burglary, but still can be a crime.

Burglary is a serious charge that requires a strong criminal defense. If you have been charged with burglary in Santa Clara County or a surrounding community, the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson is here to provide you with the aggressive, effective criminal defense representation you need.

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Santa Clara Robbery Attorney

Robbery is taking or attempting to take property that is in the immediate possession of someone by means of threat or force. When a robbery is carried out with a gun, knife or other weapon, it becomes an armed robbery, carrying even more severe penalties.

Both robbery and burglary are very serious charges. If your criminal record has a robbery or burglary conviction on it, you will likely find it very difficult to find employment. The criminal consequences may include fines, restitution and years in prison.

Erik Johnson is well-versed in successful robbery and burglary defense strategies. He will aggressively fight these charges on your behalf.

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