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A mark on your criminal record can make life very difficult, making it hard to find a job, rent an apartment and enroll in a university. In California, you can seek an expungement for certain criminal convictions. An expungement does not erase your criminal record, but effectively sets it aside, allowing you to truthfully answer "no" if asked if you have that conviction on your record.

At the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson, we can help you with all of the necessary legal details of obtaining a record expungement and getting you off probation early. Erik Johnson is a skilled criminal defense lawyer providing aggressive representation to clients from San Jose and throughout surrounding California communities.

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Can Your Record Be Expunged?

Not all convictions can be expunged. Most misdemeanors can, and certain felonies, so long as you were not sentenced to state prison and successfully completed probation. We can also move the court for an early termination of probation and request a record clearance upon a showing of good cause.

Today, background checks are more common than ever, and you will likely be screened when applying for employment, an apartment, credit, a school and a professional license of any kind. Getting your record expunged allows you to put the past behind you and avoid being hampered by a criminal record.

If you are seeking an expungement, it is very important that all of the legal details are handled correctly, the first of which is making sure the record you want expunged is eligible to be expunged. Eligibility requirements in California include but are not limited to:

  • Your conviction happened in state court
  • You were not sentenced to State prison
  • You have completed your term of probation
  • You have not been charged with another criminal offense

Erik Johnson is experienced in expungement and record clearance and can help you pursue your legal goals.

Contact A Santa Clara County Attorney For Clearing Your Arrest Record

We defend clients from Santa Clara County and throughout surrounding California bay area communities including Campbell, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and Mountain View. We handle a broad range of criminal law matters, including expungements and record sealing.

Contact the Law Offices of Erik Steven Jonson today online or by telephone at 408-246-3004 to arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable San Jose expungement lawyer.

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