California sexual assault defense attorneyIn recent months, the news has been filled with stories of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment, and people have become emboldened to step forward and discuss the crimes that have been committed against them. The #MeToo movement has resulted in serious consequences for many people, including several well-known public figures. Under this increased level of scrutiny, some people may be facing accusations of sexual impropriety, and it is important to understand how California’s state laws define sexual assault and the possible consequences that can result from a conviction.

California Sex Crime Laws

In California, sexual offenses primarily fall into one of the following categories:

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While claims of sexual assault should be taken seriously, the current atmosphere in the United States has made it all too easy for someone’s life to be ruined by false accusations. If you have been accused of sexual battery, rape, or any other sexual offense, the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson can help you understand your options for defense and work to clear your name. Contact a San Jose criminal defense lawyer at 408-246-3004 to schedule a free consultation.