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Theft of Nude Photos ‘A Game' Among CHP Officers

Posted on in Theft

The theft and file sharing of people's private pictures is reportedly a wide spread game among officers of the California Highway Patrol. CHP Officer Sean Harrington has been recently accused of accessing a woman's cell phone and sending her personal and intimate photos from her phone to his own. The file transfer was done while the woman was in custody on suspicion of driving under the influence or DUI.

The theft, however, appears to be a practice among CHP officers, who routinely steal people's private photos and videos and send them to each other. Harrington has admitted that CHP officers confiscate cell phones of women they arrest, search for nude phots and then share the photos among fellow officers. Harrington and his fellow officers have called this practice “a game.”

An investigation into Harrington's phone suggests that this is not the first time he engaged in such criminal conduct. In a separate incident Harrington sent photos of a woman to CHP Officer Hazelwood, while the woman was being x-rayed after a vehicle crash. He followed up with a message to Hazelwood: “Enjoy buddy.”

The recent allegations of misconduct heighten a growing mistrust of law enforcement and fear of police abusing their position of authority.

Although no officers, including Harrington have been arrested, felony criminal charges seem inevitable.

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