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Spring Vacation and the Cost of a DUI

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San Jose DUI defense attorneys, DUI charges, DUI, California drunk driving laws, DUI chargesWhen most people think of going on vacation in the spring they imagine getting away from the grind of work or exams and enjoying time with friends or simply relaxing. However, what starts off as a fun vacation may quickly turn into a nightmare if you are pulled over for driving under the influence.

The Risks of Binge Drinking and Driving

Eighty percent of drunk driving incidents in the United States are related to binge drinking, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, and especially if he or she has been binge drinking, the person may experience negative effects such as decreased concentration, blurred vision, and a reduced coordination and reaction time, which can cause accidents.

College-age people tend to drink more on spring break, which can lead to reckless behavior such as drunk driving. A 2013 study in Prevention Science found that 42 percent of college students get drunk for one day or more while on spring break, and 11 percent of students experience blackouts or fainting from their alcohol consumption.

Penalties for Drunk Drivers 21 Years and Older

A driver who is over 21 years old and drives while intoxicated may have his or her driver’s license suspended and be ordered to install an installation ignition interlock device into his or her car. The individual also may need to pay fines, attend DUI school, perform community service, or serve jail time.

In a recent crash on Interstate 5 near Los Banos, an allegedly intoxicated 21-year-old driver crashed into a car with three teenagers who were traveling on spring break. One teenager was injured and two teenagers were killed. This is the worst-case scenario that California law intends to help prevent.

Zero Tolerance for Underage Drunk Drivers

For drivers under the age of 21, having one drink before driving can be one too many. In California, an underage drinker who is convicted of driving with a blood alcohol concentration over 0.01 percent will have his or her driving privileges revoked for one year. He or she will also have to complete a DUI program and pay fines. Moreover, he or she may additionally face criminal charges.

Contact a San Jose DUI Defense Attorney

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