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Sex Crimes and Voyeurism Charges for California Doctor

Posted on in Criminal Defense

A thirty five year old doctor in Merced County was arrested for certain sex crimes, including the installation of a camera in a bathroom and possession of child pornography. The pediatrician was placed on administrative leave in the wake of the arrest and remains out on bail.

The sex crimes that the doctor has allegedly committed are violations of Penal Code section 647(j) and section 311.11. Section 647(j), sometimes referred to as the “Peeping Tom” statute is the prohibition of installing concealed cameras in order to secretly record the intimate body parts of another person. Section 311.11 is the possession of pornographic images of minors under the age of 18.

According to the Merced Sun Star, the pediatrician is alleged to have installed a small camera inside a unisex bathroom, hidden in a small flower arrangement. After the arrest police searched the doctor's home and discovered sexual images of children. It is not known whether the images collected from the recording device contained images of children as well.

The doctor is facing up to one year in state prison and mandatory sex registration under Penal Code section 290. He is also facing loss of his medical license whether or not he suffers a criminal conviction.

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