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Sex Crimes Allegations for Embattled Forty-Niner Ray McDonald

Posted on in Criminal Defense

The District Attorney has announced a sex crimes investigation of Forty-Niner defensive lineman Ray McDonald. The Mercury News is reporting that a woman recently alleged that McDonald sexually assaulted her, prompting investigators to make an inquiry.

These sex crimes allegations come on the heels of a very public domestic violence investigation, where McDonald was accused of abusing his fiancé. The District Attorney's Office declined to file, saying there was insufficient evidence to prosecute McDonald. His fiancé was pregnant at the time but declined to cooperate with investigators.

However, the Mercury reports that the Forty Niners have terminated McDonald's contract and released him from the team immediately. The Forty Niner management cited the lineman's “poor decisions,” and the new allegations of sexual assault. This comes just as the Forty Niners were ousted from the play offs this year after their recent loss to the Seahawks over the weekend.

Police and the District Attorney Office have not released the exact nature of the conduct, only that the complaining witness is not the man's fiancé.

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