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San Jose Identity Theft of Police Officer Leads to Prison

Posted on in Theft

Identity theft does not just happen to ordinary members of the public. A Northern California police officer became the victim of identity theft, after his cell phone was wiretapped with illegal spyware. The defendant, an owner of an unlicensed private detective company, installed illegal surveillance technology on the police officer's cell phone, thereby obtaining confidential and other sensitive information from the officer.

Such identity theft is possible with the use of “interception device” technology made available by StealthGenie and other similar brands. It is also illegal to be in possession of some of the associated devices, which are used for the capture and seizure of personal or confidential communications.

According to the Mercury News, the defendant in this case was sentenced to more than eight years state prison on several felony violations, including identity theft, illegal possession of spyware technology and conspiracy. The defendant's husband was also charged. He was a police officer with the Pacific Grove Police Department at the time the crimes were committed. He was handed a three year prison sentence for his involvement.

Several other people have come forward alleging that they became victims of the defendants, after hiring their detective services.

In California, identity theft is one of, if not the fastest growing crimes at all levels. Penal Code section 530.5 (among other sections) prohibits the capture of another person's identifying information, for any unlawful purpose and without the victim's lawful consent. Such information can be names, dates of birth, social security, phone numbers, bank or credit card numbers etc.

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