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Prostitution Charges for “MyRedBook” Operator

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Federal prostitution charges have been filed against Mountain View resident Eric Omuro. Nicknamed “Red,” criminal defendant Omuro is the alleged operator of two websites known to facilitate prostitution. The website “myredbook” and “SFRedBook” are now infamous sites where prostitutes could advertise for sex services. Much in the way craigslist works, a prostitute could post an advertisement on one or both websites detailing her services, along with pictures of herself. Men could then visit the site, peruse the various advertisements and contact the prostitutes. There were even VIP sections where men would pay for greater access to sexual services.

The prostitution indictments came down sometime last month, according to the Mercury News. Omuro and his co-defendant are each out on bail, which reportedly is $500,000. The federal indictments accuse the defendants of facilitating prostitution through the internet and mail and further allege money laundering in the amount of $5 million. As a condition of his release Omuro is prohibited from accessing the internet. The co-defendant may have limited access to the web but may not have contact with anyone associated with the websites, including former customers and advertisers.

Omuro, who has been called the “mastermind” of the alleged prostitution websites, was arrested after he fled from authorities. The FBI has shut down the websites and seized the domain names. If convicted Omuro will face a forfeiture of the $5 million he is alleged to have profited. He is being prosecuted under federal racketeering laws which call for civil forfeiture and a prison commitment.

The websites served the West Coast of the United States and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular.

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