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New Sex Crimes Allegations for Embattled San Jose Cop

Posted on in Criminal Defense

The San Jose police officer accused of sex crimes, including rape of a woman he was supposed to protect, is facing new allegations of another sexual assault. Officer Geoffrey Graves is facing a civil lawsuit in which the victim claims he assaulted another woman just months before the incident that led to his arrest.

The new sex crimes allegation comes as the officer faces criminal charges of rape and sexual battery that could send him to the state penitentiary for eight years.

According to the Mercury News the City of San Jose and the Police Department are challenging the civil lawsuit as being untimely. The City Attorney had claimed that the victim missed the six month deadline to file for a financial claim, which is a prerequisite to filing the lawsuit. However, the deadline was waived by the court. The suit is asking the court to award monetary damages, punitive damages, restitution and attorney fees.

Officer Graves, who remains on paid administrative leave, is accused of raping a woman, who was a victim of domestic violence. Graves was dispatched to the scene on a call of domestic violence and asked to escort the victim to a motel. While there, he allegedly raped the woman.

The defendant remains out on $100,000 bail.

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