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Gang Related Robbery Spree Ends in San Jose

Posted on in Theft

A Southbay robbery spree ended recently with the arrests of three suspects in San Jose. The men are suspected in the bank robberies on four separate occasions in San Jose, Campbell and Gilroy and are believed to be members of a criminal street gang based in Salinas, California.

Robbery in general is defined as the taking of the personal property of another, from his person or in his immediate presence, against his will and done by use of force or fear. (California Penal Code section 211). Robberies that are done in concert of two or more people carriers a state prison term range of three, six or nine years.

Bank robbery is and can be a federal offense under 18 USC section 2113. Holding up a bank by means of force or the threat of force may be punishable to a term in federal prison for up to twenty years. The Feds are unforgiving when it comes to violent crimes and present much heavier sentences to criminal defendants.

These suspects were arrested simultaneously in their home cities of Salinas, Watsonville and Fresno and all are charged with robbery, false imprisonment along with gun and gang enhancements. Local law enforcement dubbed the suspects the “Point Break” robbers after the movie of the same name. The three men were known to wear masks or face coverings while flashing guns and making threats to bank customers.

No injuries were reported during the nearly year-long spree that began in August of 2013. Although no other arrests have been made, San Jose police believe other accomplices may be involved.

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