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Forty Assault & Battery, Other Felony Arrests After Giants Win

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Assault & battery, gun crimes and other felony arrests were made in the wake of the San Francisco Giants historic World Series win on Wednesday. The City was awash in celebrations and mayhem just as soon as pitcher Madison Bumgarner threw the last pitch of the game. Revelers and looters came out to take advantage of the situation.

Besides the assault & battery arrests, people were seen vandalizing cars, throwing firecrackers at police, setting bonfires and committing other misdemeanor and felony acts of destruction. Alcohol is attributed to much of the conduct following the game.

There were also a few but otherwise isolated acts of violence including two shootings and a stabbing. Three police officers were hospitalized for injuries. Most of the mayhem occurred near and around the stadium as people came out from the bars and restaurants. The Mercury News reports that the more violent acts occurred in the Mission District.

After the crowds dispersed, city clean-up crews faced blocks full of broken glass, residual fires and streams of liquor. Nine police cars were damaged in the city-wide melee.

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