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FedEx Indicted on Charge of Drugs Conspiracy

Posted on in Drug Crimes

Conspiracy to distribute drugs is the latest challenge facing FedEx. A Federal grand jury came down with an indictment against the international delivery service on charges that it conspired with illegal pharmaceutical companies to distribute controlled substances in the illegal drug black market. According to the Mercury News, FedEx denies the allegation and intends to fight for its name.

This drugs conspiracy could take a toll on the famous shipping company. The specific allegation is that FedEx failed to prohibit the illegal transport of oxycodone and hydrocodone (among others) and that it accommodated illegal distributors of these drugs despite federal warnings. Federal prosecutors indicate that FedEx knew of the illegal distribution of these substances and did not act to prevent itself from participating in the distribution. The company is facing billions of dollars in forfeiture.

Certain top executives are named as part of the conspiracy, although they are not named in the indictment. The Feds believe that the executives knew of at least two of the illegal online drug providers that were using FedEx as a part of their illegal pharmaceutical businesses. There are instances that deliveries were made to parking lots, schools and vacant homes. Not the typical places that couriers deliver packages.

According to the Mercury News UPS (United Parcel Service) faced similar charges a year ago and paid approximately $40 million that prosecutors tied to illegal drug shipments. FedEx may face similar prospects if the federal government can make its case.


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