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California Cops Fight Against Marijuana Deliveries

Posted on in Drug Crimes

San Jose marijuana drug crimes defense attorneySince marijuana was legalized for recreational use in California in 2016, the legal marijuana industry has been booming. The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration reported that tax revenue from the cannabis industry totaled $74.2 million in the second quarter of 2018. While recreational marijuana is legal statewide, nearly 85 percent of cities and counties in the state have made it illegal to sell marijuana. To combat this, the state is considering allowing licensed marijuana businesses to deliver marijuana in communities that do not allow pot sales. California police are against the idea, however, stating that it is a cause for concern.

Police Say Marijuana Deliveries Will Increase Crime

Though many people say there is no link between the legalization of marijuana and an increase in crime, California police worry that allowing marijuana businesses to deliver pot to residential communities would allow for more opportunities for crime to happen. The president of the California Police Chiefs Association stated that robberies were only one of the concerns, but that deliveries could also lead to crimes such as aggravated assault and homicide.

Police Are Not the Only Ones Opposed to Marijuana Deliveries

The League of California Cities represents the state’s 428 municipalities and joined the California Police Chiefs Association to try to prevent marijuana deliveries from happening. Currently, the Bureau of Cannabis Control has interpreted Proposition 64 to allow marijuana deliveries. While the law states that local governments can ban non-medical marijuana businesses, it also states that “a local jurisdiction shall not prevent delivery of cannabis or cannabis products on public roads,” as long as the deliverer is a state-licensed business.

Confusion Surrounding Deliveries

Cities that do not allow marijuana to be sold within their limits have interpreted Proposition 64 as allowing them to take action against deliveries, arguing that the law may permit delivery vehicles on public roads, but not on the doorsteps of homes in these cities. A spokesperson for the Bureau stated that proposed legislation seeks to clarify the law that a licensed pot business that performs delivery is allowed to deliver to any jurisdiction within the state of California.

A Skilled Santa Clara County Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Can Help

Though recreational marijuana use is legal throughout the state, many cities and counties have prohibited the sale of marijuana, making this issue tricky to navigate. Further, a business must be licensed by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control to sell marijuana, and those who sell cannabis without a license could be facing criminal charges. If you are facing any kind of drug charges, you should immediately contact a skilled San Jose drug crimes defense attorney. The Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson can help you navigate your case and protect your freedoms. Call our office to schedule a consultation at 408-246-3004.



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