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Burglary Suspect Shoots Accomplice in the Foot

Posted on in Theft

Sheriff Deputies have arrested two burglary suspects in the Santa Cruz area. Authorities were tipped off when a man named Erick Vlach was admitted to Dominican Hospital for a gunshot wound to the foot. The man first told hospital staff that he was shot by an unknown assailant. However, when Sheriff Deputies arrived they pressed the man for information and soon discovered he was accidentally shot by his friend. It turns out that the mystery assailant was actually an accomplice to a burglary in Scotts Valley.

Earlier in the day a burglary was reported at the 1500 block of 30th Ave in Scotts Valley, California. The report indicated that two masked men were involved, carrying semi-automatic handguns. Cash, electronics and marijuana were among the stolen items.

Vlack was arrested for burglary, felony possession, conspiracy and assault with a deadly weapon. His accomplice was charged with the same crimes, but also violation of probation for a previous felony crime.

Burglary carriers a state prison term range of two, four or six years. Additional time may be added for enhancements including the use of a firearm. Prior convictions may also increase the potential time these individuals may face in the penitentiary. Mr. Vlach remains in custody with $100,000 bail set.

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