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Bay Area Criminal Arson Suspect Maintains Innocence

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Two arson suspects have been arrested and remain in custody in Alameda county jail. In a recent interview one of the men maintained his innocence and denied involvement in a string of fires that destroyed nearly twelve buildings in downtown Alameda. The co-defendant has admitted setting only one of the fires, which he says was a meth-related accident, and denied involvement in the others.

Arson is suspected in a string of fires that spanned seven blocks, including the Park Street shopping district in Alameda. According to the Mercury News several homes were damaged or destroyed and several business equally affected. Surveillance video shows a man walking and then running away from a fire seemingly ignited in a trash bin.

In California, arson is a serious felony offense. Arson of property carriers a prison term of up to three years. However, if the arson is of an inhabited building the prison range is three, five or eight years. If a person suffers great injury as a result of the intentional fire the defendant may be subject to an enhancement that carriers an additional three to five years in prison.

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