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Assault Felonies for San Francisco Uber Driver

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Felonies including assault with a deadly weapon and felony battery are among the charges facing a driver for the ride-sharing company Uber. The driver, who is an independent contractor with the company, is being accused of attacking one of his passengers after an argument erupted over the traffic route the driver was using. According to the Mercury News, the passenger suffered facial fractures, head trauma and other injuries.

Such felonies and assault charges could land the driver in prison, especially because the reported injuries amount to great bodily injury, or GBI. Great bodily injury is vaguely defined as significant or substantial harm that is not otherwise minor or moderate in nature. Facial fractures easily come within the GBI definition.

Uber is a ride-sharing service where people connect to various drivers by way of a smartphone device. People can request pick-ups, track local vehicles and pre-pay for the trips. Founded in San Francisco, the company's transportation service has quickly out-paced the traditional taxi.

In fact Uber drivers, who are independent contractors, are considered more resourceful, professional and provide a cleaner and more efficient taxi service.

Uber has suspended the driver's account pending their independent investigation of the matter. The charge is also a strike offense under California's Three Strike Law.

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