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Assault & Battery Suspects Arrested at Santa Clara's Levi Stadium

Posted on in Criminal Defense

Two men suspected of felony assault & battery at Santa Clara's Levi Stadium were arrested this past Sunday. According the Mercury News two men were assaulted by two other men in a restroom on the 300 level of the San Francisco Forty Niner's new stadium. A cell phone video of the incident has been posted online showing the attack as others look on.

Besides assault & battery charges there are other violations that the suspects may be charged with. This may include assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury (Penal Code section 245(a)(4)). This would be a strike offense pursuant to California's Three Strikes Law. The suspects could also be charged with simply battery; however a misdemeanor charge is unlikely, especially if the attack was unprovoked.

The suspects were immediately taken to Santa Clara County jail and the victims were transported to an unnamed hospital for treatment. Little information regarding the injuries have been provided.

The assault took place minutes before the San Francisco Forty Niner's game began at 1:25 pm. The Niner's, who stadium is in Santa Clara, were hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, pitting Colin Kaepernick against Aex Smith. The Niner's edged out the Chiefs 22-17.

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