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Arrested During Spring Break: What You Need to Know

Posted on in Criminal Defense


After a long and harsh winter, people get ready for Spring break. Indeed. Spring break symbols the return of warm weather. This is the time where young people come together to plan fun events. Unfortunately, many of these young people end up getting arrested during Spring break. As a result, they are charged with criminal offenses and some end up in jail. Being arrested during Spring break is definitely a party “pooper.” This can ruin anyone’s Spring break plans.

What was meant to be a time of fun, freedom and leisure, could lead to jail time. The last thing you want to happen is to get arrested during Spring break. Instead, you want to rejoice with friends and have fun. The Bay Area is notorious for young people sometimes getting out of hand and getting arrested during Spring break. For every one thousand households, there are 70 crime incidents in the Bay area. In fact, the Bay area’s crime index is among the worst in the nation. Most of the crimes are attributed crime incidences such as theft.

We specialize in the areas synonymous with Spring break crime. This includes Domestic Violence, DUI Defense, Drug Crimes, Sex Crimes, and Family Law. We have been in the Bay Area for years, liberating and preventing our clients from getting in trouble during Spring break. In addition, we are a part of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. At our offices, we inform each and every one of our clients about how important it is to be lawful, especially during Spring break. Therefore, if you find yourself in the position of being arrested, call our law offices for a free consultation.

We are here for you and we want to make sure you make the right decisions and do not get locked up behind bars. The Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson value your freedom and we are invested in your well-being.Our goal is to keep our clients out of harm’s way. We work tirelessly in providing clients with the best Spring break experience they can have. Happy Spring break!

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