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6 of The Craziest DUI Stories Around the World

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Santa Clara County DUI defense lawyer, DUI, DUI stories, DUI statistics, DUI chargesDUI is a serious subject. Driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other mind-altering substance is extremely dangerous and can even be deadly. Though DUI should not be taken lightly, there are stories you may hear about and will make you think, “Wait ... what?” Many people think you can only be arrested for DUI if you are driving a car; however, as some of these stories will tell, that is not always the case.

Here are some of the strangest DUI tales that have taken place around the world:

  • A Kentucky man was arrested for having a blood alcohol level of over twice the legal limit, which is .08. This would not be as strange of a tale, except police say he was riding a horse when they found him in possession of marijuana, a couple of beers, and a mason jar full of moonshine.

  • A North Dakota man was arrested after driving a Zamboni while drunk. The 27 year old was charged with DUI after spectators at a high school hockey game noticed that the Zamboni was weaving on the ice and hitting the scoreboards during the game.

  • A man in Florida was arrested after he was caught driving his lawnmower down a highway while drunk. Police say the man was driving erratically and was carrying a case of beer with him on his lawnmower.

  • In New Zealand, a teenage boy was arrested for drinking and driving after his BAC was determined to be nearly three times the legal limit. His mother was called to come and pick him up, but was arrested on her way there. The mother then proceeded to call her partner to come pick the both of them up, but he was also arrested on his way to the police station for a DUI.

  • A Minnesota man was caught driving his motorized recliner down the road while drunk in 2008. Police said the 62-year-old man had just left a bar when he crashed into a parked vehicle.

  • An Australian man was arrested for a DUI when he was pulled over on his motorized beer cooler. The 23-year-old man tried to challenge whether or not the cooler was actually a vehicle, but ultimately lost that battle.

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While your DUI may not have been as strange as some of these tales, it still carries strict penalties if you are convicted. If you get help from a Santa Clara County DUI defense lawyer, you can try to avoid conviction at all costs. Contact the Law Offices of Erik Steven Johnson to discuss your case and figure out which method of defense is best for you. To set up a consultation, call the office at 408-246-3004.


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